The informal Joint Scrutiny Task Group is accountable to the Overview and Scrutiny parent committees in Swindon Borough Council and Wiltshire Council.

The group acts as a critical friend, developing an overview of strategies and plans and provides an independent scrutiny of the work of the SWLEP Board.  The membership of the group comprises three elected Councillors from each of the two Unitary Authorities and three business members of SWLEP Limited.  It is an essential element of assuring democratic accountability for the use of public funds.

The Joint Scrutiny Task Group will:-

  1. Develop an overview and scrutiny framework and operational protocols which meet the requirements of democratic accountability for the use of public funds by a partnership body which is led by the business community under a mandate from the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.
  2. Whilst developing the framework, the Task Group will carry out trial activities to scrutinise the outcomes and work of the SWLEP. In fulfilling this role the task group will:
  • Perform all overview and scrutiny functions on behalf of both Councils in respect of the SWLEP
  • Appoint such sub-groups as it consider appropriate to fulfil those functions.
  • Review and/or scrutinise decisions made or actions taken in connection with the discharge or any of the SWLEP functions.
  • Make reports and recommendations to the Councils relevant partner in connection with the discharge of any functions.
  • Approve a forward work programme, including the programme of any subgroups it appoints so as to ensure that the Task Group and sub-groups’ time is effectively and efficiently utilised.
  • Foster and encourage an inclusive, structured, non-partisan and non-adversarial approach to overview and scrutiny which is reliant on evidence rather than anecdote.