The Joint Scrutiny Panel comprises three elected representatives from both local authorities and three from the private sector; all of whom are independent of the SWLEP Board and local authority Cabinets.  

The Joint Scrutiny Panel acts as a critical friend to:

  • Develop an overview of strategies and plans and providing independent scrutiny of the work of the SWLEP Board and assuring local democratic accountability for the use of public funds;

  • Make constructive recommendations for how future decisions of the SWLEP can be effectively implemented; and

  • Make recommendations for improvement to the SWLEP’s decision making process and make its conclusions public.

The Panel's secretariat is managed by Wiltshire Council and is paid for by SWLEP with Panel members agreeing the agenda and deep dive programme.  The Panel reports to the SWLEP Board and is an independent function; it is not part of local government overview and scrutiny arrangements.  

For further information, the Joint Scrutiny Panel's terms of reference can be found in SWLEP's Governance Framework: Section B Board Constitution.