Becky Middleton

CEO, Middleton Solutions

Becky Middleton, Director of Middleton Solutions

Becky Middleton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Middleton Solutions, an innovation and management consultancy, working with individuals and businesses, looking to build on or expand on research and development, innovation and technology.  Middleton Solutions is based in Wiltshire, primarily covering the South West.

With a wealth of experience in managing Government funding programs for innovation projects of over €38 million across Europe.  Becky has the specialist skills and connections to make sure business’ and budding entrepreneurs get the funding and access to the expertise they deserve enabling them to focus on delivering a result for their ideas.

Previous positions include European Grants and contracts Executive for Innovate UK and Managing Director of Twilight Training and Consultancy Ltd.  With a qualified background in project management, training, leadership and management, Becky is well placed to advise on making today's ideas, the products and services of tomorrow.


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