José St.Clair

Managing Director of SKARP Group

Jose StClair Managing Director of SKARP group

José joined the board in September 2022 and is the Managing Director of the SKARP Media Group and its subsidiaries and is also an education practitioner and a Livestreaming Specialist for over 10 years.

He has worked as a qualified Learning & Development Specialist, Lecturer, and Public Speaker with experience in Digital Media, specializing in SME training and development with a focus on 'Careers of the Future'.

José has always been involved in the media industry however over the years his experience has expanded into other fun and exciting sectors around new technology systems within EduTech, and Software as a Service for businesses.

José worked alongside a number of non-governmental Business Support Organizations in Central London, where he assisted them in identifying growth opportunities and workflow improvements via data and analytical reporting. José officially moved to Swindon in 2020 and has a knack for identifying professional talent and bringing out the best in them to help achieve the organization's goals and needs.

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