Keeran Vetriko

Managing Director, JERES

Keeran Vetriko

Keeran joined the Board in July 2019.  He is the Managing Director of JERES, a management consultancy based in Swindon.  JERES offers services in Business Excellence, Digital Transformation, Organisational Effectiveness and Agile Solutions to clients around the world.

He has more than 20 years of experience working in Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 MNCs, effectively driving end-to-end Transformation through People, Process and Technology in various Business functions and industries within global Matrix Organisations.  He is the proud owner of management models and methodologies such as SuccessScore™ (Agile performance management system), ACIM™ (Agile continuous improvement management methodology), 7C Strategy (Step-by-step business excellence structure), JERES™ (Behavioural change management strategy), ADAPT™ (Agile product development framework), and VBE (Top-down bottom-up hybrid business improvement plan).

Keeran is also a governor at New College Swindon and one of the Directors of Neitiv ltd, a Swindon-based beverage company currently in the process of innovating alcoholic beverages from coconut and palm nectar.


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