Tom Harrison

Business Consultant PA Consulting

Jose StClair Managing Director of SKARP group

Tom joined the board in September 2022. Currently a business consultant for PA Consulting based in London. He specialises in helping clients obtain funding for and delivering innovative large-scale projects of national strategic importance at home and abroad. Working across many industries he spends his professional career bringing innovation to life with new technology and infrastructure to bring social-economic benefits that are sustainable, inclusive and improves the quality of life. Prior to being a business consultant Tom worked 11 years in the Railway industry and has also spent 7 years as a reservist for the Royal Navy and Royal Artillery in his spare time.

Tom is a pioneer for change in the workplace to ensure that we have a workforce more representative of society. Tom actively promotes the benefits that come by employing neurodiverse people and reservists in the military. He also helps young people with career development to help them reach their potential and actively promotes the use of soft skills to further career progression.

Originally from North Wales, Tom now resides in Swindon and is married to Marie and has one daughter. In his spare time Tom enjoys exploring the local countryside in and around Wiltshire and Swindon in all weathers and takes a keen interest in economics, world events and jurisprudence. Until recently he was the Secretary of the Civilian Committee for 1244 RAF Cadet Squadron based in Swindon.

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