Cornerstone Employers

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Cornerstone Employers give strategic support to a cluster of schools and colleges to empower careers provision. They work together with their networks, the wider business community and the local Enterprise Coordinator or Hub Lead, to ensure all young people in their area have the opportunities they need to be prepared and inspired for the world of work.


What do Cornerstone Employers do?

  • Invest time and resources to benefit young people
  • Collaborate with their business networks to increase the availability of high-quality workplace experiences for young people and to link employers to schools and colleges
  • Work with other Cornerstone Employers to share best practice
  • Act as an ambassador and champion for social mobility

Being a Cornerstone Employer is a great opportunity to

  • Work with, and learn from, like-minded employers across various sectors
  • Diversify your talent pipeline and support social mobility
  • Give back to your local community and support the growth of the local economy
  • Engage and develop your current workforce through volunteering
  • Increase your organisation’s understanding of the world of education and the needs of young people.

How to get involved

For further information about becoming a Cornerstone Employer, visit the Careers and Enterprise Company website or contact your nearest Enterprise Coordinator.


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