As a major focus for the SWLEP, we have challenged ourselves with the following employment targets;

  • Create 10,000 new private sector jobs
  • Safeguard a further 8,000 jobs

Fulfilling our other objectives will help us to meet these targets. We strive to attract new businesses to the area, whilst encouraging existing inhabitants to continue to operate and grow here.

Wiltshire's employment structure is distinctive in having a significantly higher number of people in various forms of manufacturing and engineering - especially with electrical equipment and apparatus, food products, furniture, rubber, and pharmaceuticals - than the national average.

This high level of GVA ensures that Swindon and Wiltshire remains one of the highest producers of goods and services in the UK. In addition, there is higher than average employment in public administration and defence, due to the military establishments around the county, particularly around Amesbury and Corsham. There are sizeable Army barracks at Tidworth, Bulford and Warminster.

Wiltshire is also distinctive in having a high proportion of its working age population who are economically active - (81%), and its low unemployment rates. Characteristics which are also very attractive to investors/businesses.

We also represent the LEP on employment and skills boards in the area, as well as driving engagement between businesses and schools.