Creating jobs is a primary objective for the SWLEP.  However, safeguarding jobs in the area is also extremely important, especially in the currently tough economic climate.

At present, Swindon and Wiltshire offers:

  • Skilled workforce
    With 57.7% of its working population qualified at NVQ level 3 and above, compared to the 52.7% UK average. (According to the Office of National Statistics).
  • Productive population
    GVA per head in Swindon is £30,233 - 47% more than the national average.
  • Competitive labour costs
    Wiltshire's gross weekly pay average per worker is £472.40 - cheaper than Bristol (£503.60), South Gloucestershire (£523.70) and London (£980.80).
  • Sustainable labour
    A plethora of quality universities in nearby Bristol, Bath, Oxford and Cardiff, as well as 74% of local schools rated "good" or "outstanding", ensuring the workforce of the future will be high quality.
  • A supportive community
    A welcoming and supportive local and business community.
  • Active population
    Unique in that 81% of our working age population is economically active and unemployment rates are low.
  • Safety
    Wiltshire is the safest county in the UK and its residents are the 4th happiest in the UK according to the National Well-being Survey.
  • Well rated
    Swindon and Wiltshire were both recently placed in the Top 5 areas for Human Resources.  A joint study between The Municipal Journal and Local Futures (a research agency) was based on skills, qualifications, knowledge workers, the labour market, economically active workforce and the growth in the workforce.

Routes to employment: Alex's story of his apprenticeship success

The people of Swindon and Wiltshire are one of the region's biggest strengths.  They are key to the continued success of the region and the continuing interest businesses have in moving to the area.

In addition to the area's superb infrastructure and workforce, Swindon and Wiltshire is also simply a great environment to live in.

  • A great location - two World Heritage Sites, many areas of outstanding natural beauty and local attractions.  Take Stonehenge, Avebury, Lydiard Park and Longleat Safari Park, for example.
  • Excellent education - seven universities within 30 miles of Wiltshire with Oxford, Bristol, Cardiff and Bath nearby, as well as 74% of schools rated "good" or "outstanding".  This ensures a high quality, sustainable workforce for the future.
  • Housing - a wide range available, with vibrant cities and rural areas having property costs that are 75% less than that of London.

For more information on why Wiltshire is such an attractive location, take a look at the county's official tourism website -