Energy Minister Claire Perry tours Johnson Matthey

Forces are joined towards Clean Growth.

The Hydrogen Hub welcomed Energy Minister Claire Perry to Swindon, at the Executive Committee meeting on 11 May 2018.

The meeting, hosted at Johnson Matthey, brought together Executive Members of the Hydrogen Hub to discuss hydrogen and fuel cell projects in Swindon and Wiltshire and explore how the Hydrogen Hub can help the Government achieve its targets outlined in the Clean Growth Strategy.

During the meeting, Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry announced a £20 million boost to businesses embracing the potential for a future UK hydrogen economy.

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies offer the UK an exceptional opportunity to secure cost-effective, clean, secure energy for power, heat, and transportation. The UK is well placed to capitalise on the opportunities presented by hydrogen and develop a world-leading industry.

Clare Jackson, Hydrogen Hub Manager said;

"We were very excited to welcome the Energy Minister Claire Perry and share the successful stories that we have had so far, as well as take the opportunity to showcase upcoming Hydrogen Hub projects that will demonstrate the benefits of the technology and make the case for the Hydrogen Pathway"

"We hope the meeting with Hydrogen Hub members and key industry stakeholders has strengthened the view that Government should follow through with policy support and increased funding for the development of the technology. We will continue to support both industry and government in the pursuit of a hydrogen future."

Andy Walker, Technical Marketing Director at Johnson Matthey, commented;

"We were delighted to welcome Minister Claire Perry. Johnson Matthey is a leader in science to make the world cleaner and healthier and is committed to innovation in the UK. We have pioneered developments in fuel cell technology over many years and are at an exciting point where products are now commercially available."

"As a founder of the Hydrogen Hub we recognise the need to grow the market for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in the UK and look forward to working with the Hub and with the Ministerial team at BEIS to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of this important technology."

The Minister with the Executive Members of the Hydrogen HubSpeaking during her visit, the Energy and Clean Growth Minister, Claire Perry, said:

"The Hydrogen Hub is a great example of how our modern Industrial Strategy can work in practice bringing together industry, local authorities and businesses to collaborate in developing hydrogen and fuel cell technologies which aim to meet the energy needs of a local community."

"This technology has the potential to secure clean, reliable and flexible energy for families and local businesses, whilst creating a new innovative sector in the UK, growth, and high-quality jobs.

As hydrogen and fuel cell technology continues to commercialise, I look forward to seeing how the Hydrogen Hub will continue developing its key role promoting innovation to bring down costs and driving future investment into hydrogen the UK."

The Minister is shown a hydrogen refuelling stationThe minister ended her visit by taking a short tour of a hydrogen refuelling station and Johnson Matthey's manufacturing facility.

For more information please see or contact Clare Jackson on her email: [email protected].

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